Important: Day Trading Options is risky
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The confirmation email might take a few minutes to get delivered (check your spam folder too), if not please email me I usually respond within 1 day

After placing the order your phone number will be automatically added to our SMS software and you will start receiving the alerts the next business day. If you don't receive any alerts message the support any time

Everyday Monday to Friday I create a new plan for the day which include at least 15 trade ideas per week.

You can cancel your subscription anytime when you login to our customer portal link or submit a request via the support ticket system here 

Yes! THETRADEWAR offers now daily SMS service directly to your phone worldwide 

After you placed the order on the website you will receive an email confirmation which will include a link to my learning material videos.

The subscription price is $89.9 per month and I don't offer free trials as the subscription comes with all my knowledge and learning materials. I do offer 30 days money back if you are not happy with the daily SMS alerts and learning material.